Find out everything you want to know about Ayreon's The Human Equation Theater Experience.

Ever wished you could experience an Ayreon album in a full theatrical setting with a cast filled with Ayreon vocalists and top instrumentalists? This is going to happen in September!

The very last tickets are available now!

VIP and Early Bird Merchandise can be bought at our store.

Orders will be ready for up at the theater.

Not attending the show?

You can still order merchandise and have them shipped to you right after the show!

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4 shows only

There are only four shows in the Nieuwe Luxor Theater, Rotterdam, the Netherlands September 18-20, 2015.


The 3 planned shows sold out so quickly that we decided to add another show on Saturday at 15.00. Tickets will go on sale February 13th at 19.00 CET.

Stay informed

On this site you will find all information concerning the show. We offer you unique views behind the scenes.

Epic Rock Choir

The artists will be joined on stage by the Epic Rock Choir.


We are also looking for people who can assist us with jobs behind the scenes. Calls are coming soon.

See you in 2015!


  1. Reply Martijn

    Question: I’d like to audition for the Epic Rock Choir, but if I don’t make it I’d still love to see this show. However, pre-registration for tickets starts one and a half week before the audition forms appear online. What should I do?

    • Reply thehuman

      You can register, it doesn’t obligate you in any way to buy the ticket. You will simply get a code that allows you to purchase a ticket before general sales start. So, do both!

  2. Reply Baert Martin

    many years ago i saw SPACE ONE in Hof Ter Lo,Antwerp.Huge fan of all the work from Arjen since Vengeance,looking forward to 9/15!!!!!!

  3. Reply Lindy Damen

    I would love to participate in the ‘epic rock choir’! I love the album and am really familiar with it.
    I’ll check when to sign up for audition (when will this be?) 😀

  4. Reply Cesar

    Un sueño hecho realidad…. really, a dream come true. This is just onem ore step on the successful carreer of Mr Arjen Lucassen……… Congratulations indeed, y gracias por tu musica Arjen 😀

  5. Reply Carlos Garcia

    Great!!! It will be amazing! And about a DVD with the show? Any chances???

  6. Reply Ross Hardy

    Is this going to be filmed and released on DVD/CD/Blu-ray at all?
    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go see it in person, but would love to see if someone else’s visions marries what my mind conjures!!

  7. Reply Frédéric

    Is there any chance on getting a ticket without pre-registration ?

  8. Reply Simone Lunadei

    I’d like to work for this great experience in the backstage, send me a mail if this is possible :)

  9. Reply Jennifer

    I’ll be travelling from Australia to go to attend this experience! I am so excited… I have never been to Europe… and what better way to end my month long holiday than with this… See you all there!

  10. Reply Wojciech Grosser

    Hi all,

    Yvette – do you accept America Express cards?

    Thank you in advance.



  11. Reply Ton

    Ticket in the pocket. Nu wachten op de VIP. krijgen we daar ook per mail een bericht van?

    • Reply Yvette Boertje

      There will be an extra show on Saturday September 19th in the afternoon! Tickets go on sale on February 13th at 19.00 CET. Hope to see you there!

    • Reply Yvette Boertje

      There will be an extra show on Saturday September 19th in the afternoon! Tickets go on sale on February 13th at 19.00 CET. Hope to see you there!

  12. Reply Joanna Jaoudie

    If you guys still need any backstage work, holla! I’d love to help (and so would my friend). Otherwise, waiting for those extra tickets to go on sale so that I can see you all on stage in September!!

  13. Reply Randal

    Can’t wait to see this! A dream come true! Four of us are coming over from Australia. There was going to be six but one couple had to pull out. That leaves two spare tickets for Saturday night if anybody’s interested. Also, is there any one who would have any room for the four of us to stay on the Saturday night? Just putting it out there.

    • Reply Kieran

      Hi, I’d be interested in acquiring one of those tickets. Are you still looking for buyers?

  14. Reply Ton

    Yvette, are there VIP tickets yet? And how about the co-workers i don’t see a request for them or is it just too early?

  15. Reply Sascha

    Thanks a lot for adding the fourth show! Got our tickets now, and we’re looking forward to seeing this amazing production.

    There was however a small bug in your website that almost prevented us from getting the tickets: the link to the NTK opened within the frame under the domain, which prevented the PayPal payments page from opening. Took me three failed tries in different browsers to finally realize this and to open the NTK page in its own tab and under its own domain name.

    But all’s well that ends well: got the tickets and will be there.

    • Reply Yvette Boertje

      Unfortunately we can’t travel with the show just yet! We’d love to visit!

  16. Reply Dante

    This sounds amazing and I so wish I lived in Europe! But alas I am in Australia… Too far to travel!
    Will this concert be filmed for a DVD??? Would love to purchase one!

      • Reply Joseph

        What payment options will be accepted for VIP tickets? I’m in the US and I called my two of my credit card companies to warn them when I was buying the concert tickets but both transactions still got blocked. I had to call and raise a fuss while stalling for time on the ticket page until they unblocked my card. Paypal would be awesome, I’ve ordered from Arjen’s webstore with no problems multiple times now. Thanks!

  17. Reply Adriana da Luz

    Hi I am writing because I lost the email with the tickets! How
    can I get them back? I dont have any order number, just the names we put
    for the tickets and the credit card we bought them with!!
    I was told to log in and download them fro a website, however I don’t know to what website you refer to and , I checked and I don´t seem to have an account in the luxor theater webpage, if that was what you were referring to.
    Could you pleas help me solve this problem, I bought the tickets The 25 of October lats year and i am going all the way from Uruguay to see the show! It is REALLY important for me to solve this as soon as possible! I Would Really apreciate your help.

  18. Reply Marek Netusil


    selling 2 tickets :(
    for Sunday, September 20th at 3:00 pm
    Balcony 2, row 4, seats 31 and 32.

    Original price 82.50 EUR each but we can possibly settle on some lower price. I still participate so the payment can proceed at spot.

    If interested pls write me to

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